As usual, it is my goal to help out brides out there who are searching for ways to make their wedding planning easier — to take some of that stress and turn it into fun!  Well, as one of the premier Spokane wedding photographers, it is my goal and duty to post all the information I can regarding wedding preparation.  This time of year, we are moving into heavy engagement photo sessions.  But why, some of you might ask, would you even want engagement photos?  All you want is your wedding to be photographed, nothing more.  Although I understand that engagements might not be important to every couple out there right at this moment, I think it would be difficult to prove that engagement photos would never be important to couples later on in life.  I am 42 years-old, and my wife and I did not get engagement photos done.  In fact, I don’t even think I knew people did that (did they do that 17 years ago?).  I wasn’t a photographer at the time, and I really didn’t know anything about the Spokane wedding photographers then.  I also had no idea about the importance of good photographs to document our love for each other.  Now I would be so thrilled to have that period in our lives captured with beautifully artistic images from a time just before our wedding to go along with just as wonderful images from the wedding itself.  My point is that there is no telling what will be of value to you and your true love down the road, so why take the risk in not getting engagement photos?  Especially when the cost nothing extra!  Some Spokane wedding photographers charge their brides extra for engagements, but they are included in every package with AiP Creative Photography.  I do this for a very specific reason.  Actually, two reasons.

First of all, there really is no better way for us to break the ice.  I have a great guy and girl who have hired me to shoot their wedding for them, and there may be very little contact between the hiring process and the wedding.  Think about this — would you want a near stranger spending the most important day of your life with you?  Would you even trust them?  If I were you, that would make me very uncomfortable!  For this reason, I want to have an adventure together before we embark on the ultimate adventure that is your wedding.  Packing my gear and heading to a great location with you both makes for a great opportunity to get to know each other.  We talk, we laugh, we photography, we have fun.   Even though we have a blast,  I ask you to get into positions that may feel awkward because you never stand or sit like that, and you wonder if I really know what I am doing.  So, when I post the images from the day, you get to look and see that I did everything for a reason — the images are beautiful!  Now, when your big day comes, you will feel confident that I will only capture you in the most flattering ways possible, and you will look gorgeous.  The second reason I do engagements at no extra cost is because I love them so much I would hate for you to cut them out!

engagment photographs

Some of you may be drawn to the idea of engagement photos, but you wonder what you would really be able to do with them.  Sure, you can enjoy looking at them in the years to come, but what value do they have right now?  Of course, I think their beauty alone is enough value for right now, but there are also some practical things you can do with your engagement photos before and during your wedding.  Just a few examples include photos displayed at the tables during the reception, and also using them for save the dates.  At AiP, I offer design and ordering of save the dates at cost for all my brides — I make nothing from the deal.  They come in creative shapes and are printed on great paper, ready to mail.  They are quite elegant and make an instant impression.  There are so many more things you can do with your engagement images, though.  Just read this article on showing off your engagement photos from the Charlottesville Wedding Blog.  It has some great ideas.

So yeah, your wedding needs to be covered by a great photographer and those are going to be the most important pictures during this time of your life.  Yes, you will value these pictures above all other images for many reasons.  But don’t forget that your engagement pictures are also going to be important.  And just like your wedding pictures, once you are married, you can never get your engagement pictures taken again!  They are truly both once in a lifetime photos.

Until next time, happy wedding planning and keep stopping by for more helpful articles and more creative photos!