What is your style?

Well that’s a bit of a complicated question.  I don’t really use only one style of photography for my images. I combine several. I can tell you that many factors go into the way each image looks — lens choice, lighting, angle, emotion, etc… Each one plays an important part in how you will be portrayed. Your images will typically have a combination of styles, but each image has my own unique style to it. In other words, you will have different looking images in your gallery, but you will still be able to tell that I made them.

Why do your images look so crisp and clean?

Thank you for noticing! I am meticulous with my lighting for your images. I don’t want to have to go into Photoshop and fix a bunch of errors I made while shooting. For this reason, I use both natural light and off camera flash to achieve the looks you are seeing.   If natural light is doing what I want, I use it. If it isn’t, I have the ability to create the look I want with off camera lighting. The clean look to my images is due to good editing skills. I do not use trendy effects that may look good this year, but will look terrible in years to come.

What can I expect when you are photographing me?

I am very laid back and personable. I like to have fun, but I am never the star of the show, if you know what I mean. You are. I take my job very seriously, but like most people who love their jobs and do them well, I let my passion for it show. I have a goofy side, but it coincides with a high level of professionalism.

Is AiP Creative Photography a big corporation?

Far from it. AiP Creative Photography is the business name, but it is solely owned and operated by me, David Nall. This means no surprises for you. You will know exactly who will be with you, and you will know exactly what you can expect. It doesn’t get more personal than this!

Well who am I?

I’m David. I love to create art in some form or another. It used to be music, and then by accident I stumbled into photography and I haven’t looked back. It’s one of my passions. I am a Christian. I love Jesus and I love what he has done for me and anyone who wants him. I am married with four kids. In my off time, I like to hang with my family, ride bikes, go hiking, watch movies, read books, and play computer games with my boys. I’m kind of geeky, but just a little bit. I love all the foods that doctors tell you to never eat. I’m bald and think you should give it a try, too. Someday I would like to be Batman.

What happens if your gear breaks?

Good question!  I bring backup gear for that very reason. I don’t want to miss a moment, and I definitely don’t want you to have to worry about my gear!

What do you charge?

For weddings, I offer several packages based on your needs. Please contact me for more information.


For Portraiture, session fees start at $100.

Why would I want you as my photographer?

Well honestly, you might not. That goes with every photographer out there. You have to like your photographer as a person, like what they create, and like what they can do for you. With me as your photographer, you can expect me to guide you through the process. I want to prepare you for your wedding day so that you are ready. I will help you understand what I have seen go wrong at some weddings. That way you will cut back on your stress a bit. I will help you with your timeline so that it optimizes your time and helps to keep your sanity intact. I will be patient and kind. I will never put what I want above what you want. I will be watching you during your wedding to make sure you are enjoying it. I care more about you than I do your pictures, and I think this is why the photos always turn out so beautifully. All in all, I’m there to help you. I want to be not only your photographer, but by the time your wedding comes, I would like to also be considered a friend.