Spokane Wedding Photographer

Spokane Wedding Photographer AiP Creative Photography by David Nall offers Spokane brides the very best in Spokane wedding photography.  Are you planning on getting married in Spokane? Have you searched for Spokane wedding photographers? There are so many important wedding decisions for you to make as you plan your Spokane wedding, and at the top of your wedding list should be choosing the right Spokane wedding photographer for you. To make your search in finding the right Spokane wedding photography style, here is a list of some important factors you should consider when looking for your perfect match from all of the Spokane wedding photographers.

#1 Consistency

As a Spokane bride, how would you feel if you hired a Spokane wedding photographer who showed you beautiful wedding images — creative wedding images from past weddings, beautifully designed and edited — and after your wedding was over, your images looked nothing like those shown to you at your consultation? This is why it is so important to see not just some wedding portraits, but you should also be seeing how your wedding photographer will capture your wedding day. For this reason, AiP Creative Photography has posted several Spokane wedding day images for brides to view. AiP does not typically over-edit the images. No surprises! See what you like, get what you want!

#2 Personality

Personality could easily be the number one factor to consider when choosing your Spokane wedding photographer. Which of your Spokane wedding vendors is going to spend the most time with you before, during, and after your wedding? Will it be your florist? Your wedding planner, perhaps? No — it will be your wedding photographer, of course. For this reason, Spokane brides need to be so careful when selecting their Spokane wedding photographer. Meet with him. Get to know him. Consider not only the wedding photography, but the person. I am first to let brides know — you need a wedding photographer you are comfortable with. Since AiP Creative Photography offers full day coverage with every package, I will be with you up to ten hours on your day. It should be important to both of us that we get along well! I am very relaxed and confident at my weddings.  I don’t rush you , but I do my best to keep you on your timeline as much as possible.  As a Spokane wedding photographer, I find that what most brides find important about their wedding photographer is that he is easy to work with, friendly, and that he can reduce their wedding stress. Having faith in your wedding photographer can be a major stress relief during your wedding day.

# 3 Price

Every Spokane bride should be concerned about wedding package prices. With that being said, however, this should not be the most important aspect of choosing the right Spokane wedding photographer. Your wedding photography images should not be compared to getting the cheapest loaf of bread at Wal-mart. Yes, there are times to place price at the head of your list, but your wedding is not one of them. Your wedding pictures are going to be all you have to remember the most important day of your life. It may not seem like it now, but twenty years will come and go, and you will be so happy if you pay what it takes to get awesome wedding pictures of your day. Great Spokane wedding photographers are not cheap, but there is a reason for this. It takes talent and skill, plus time, energy and money to create your stunning wedding images. Go cheap, and you will wish you could go back, but you will not be able to. Quality first and personality first — then price.

#4 Wedding Albums

If you don’t give it too much thought, you may consider making an wedding album of your Spokane wedding yourself. But seriously — are you going to do it? If you do create one, will it be a high quality, durable and wonderfully created heirloom for your family to love and hold for generations? Very unlikely! For this reason, I highly recommend allowing your Spokane wedding photographer to do this for you. But you have to make sure the albums they offer are what you want. At AiP Creative Photography, the albums are beautifully crafted, and I personally choose the images and design each album, cover to cover. All Spokane brides I meet with get to see and hold examples of our fine art wedding albums. Our albums are a main reason we are one of the best of the Spokane wedding photographers!

#5 Coverage

Have you thought about just how long your wedding coverage will need to be? Spokane brides really need to sit down and create a general timeline for their wedding, being sure to include travel time, and some cushion in case there are some set backs. Your timeline will be reviewed or even created by AiP so that there are no surprises.  Of course, as the bride you maintain final approval.  We will carefully go over your day and suggest the hours needed to cover it.  Our ultimate goal is that you enjoy your wedding and get great images in the process!

AiP Creative Photography is a Spokane wedding photographer based in Post Falls, ID offering wedding photography in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Tacoma, Seattle, Tri Cities, Hawaii, Mexico, and destinations worldwide. For more information about this Spokane wedding photographer, please visit aipimages.com or call 208.262.6891. Be sure to also check out our VENDORS tab to get access to the websites of some outstanding vendors AiP has worked with. Spokane wedding photographer AiP Creative Photography offers Spokane brides the very best in Spokane wedding photography.