It goes without saying that my brides are usually the most excited about having their photos taken, not the grooms.  I mean, nothing against the guys, but they are just usually not as into it as the girls are.  Well, I have been pretty blessed this year, because if the guy hasn’t been into the photos as much, they have totally been into their fiance enough to act like they are!  In Shelayna’s case, I would have to say that Ty is every bit as into the photos as she is.  In fact, I would gladly contest that he is into the planning 100%.  I love it.  In fact, if you’re a Spokane Wedding Photographer, you’d have to be a crazy one to want it any other way.  Excited people help to create magical images.  It’s just the truth.  After hanging with these two, my excitement level was at its peak — images had been transferred from memory card to my PC, and Lightroom (my main editing software) was ready to go….  And then, it wasn’t.  Lightroom stopped functioning, and it took me another hour or so to get it running correctly again.  So I’d already seen a handful of images, and I loved what I was seeing, but I hadn’t had the chance to go into them all and make my edits.  You have to understand something about me.   Editing my images gives me the same excitement as waking up Christmas morning as a child did.  Each image is like the unwrapping of a present.  Needless to say, I was perturbed.  Once I had edited the first image in this post after that lengthy hiatus, I was satisfied that this adventure with Shelayna and Ty had been a smashing success.  Truthfully, I have never created an image that I like more than this first one.  The method used to create it was initiated by an incredible New York photographer, Ryan Brenizer.  I think it is more than just a beautiful image though.  I think seeing them together in that moment really shows their peace with each other; and more importantly, the strength and depth of their love.  And that is the underlying goal of each and every engagement session, and the lingering story I want all of my weddings to convey.  Enjoy.

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