I see it time and again — a cute couple sits with me in my studio, and we get to know each other just a bit.  We ask questions.  We tell each other about ourselves.  But the underlying question on the other side of this equation is, “How the heck do I know if this guy is for us, and why should I choose him over the cheap guy that we just met with?”  This is a great question, and it deserves a great answer.

If you think of photographers like you think of restaurants, it helps a little bit.  Would you ever go to a McDonald’s and ask them for a steak dinner?  If you did, would you get it?  Now let’s say for a moment that they ran out and grabbed a raw steak for you and offered to cook it up for you right then and there.  Mmmmmm.  Now that would be the best steak you ever had, right?  No way!  They make really good cheap hamburgers, sure, but they don’t know a think about cooking steak.  On the other hand, if you find yourself at the Wolf Lodge (an amazingly great steak house in my area), would ask if they had anything for $5.00 or less?  When you saw their menu and discovered that a New York steak dinner is about $30, would you then ask them why it costs so much?  Would you ask to see their value meals?  It sounds crazy, right?  Well it is crazy.  Photographers are the same thing.  We all do it differently, and we have different going rates.  You can find someone who will shoot your wedding for a handful of change, but what will you get?  You’ll get a handful of change’s worth of wedding pictures.  The ones who do it more uniquely and have more artistic style will cost more.

You can set a budget and decide that you will want to spend under $2,000 for your wedding photography, and that’s fine if that is what you want.  However, don’t go into that decision naively.  If that is your budget and you are going to stick with it, don’t expect a steak dinner, metaphorically speaking.  Do your best to savor the cheeseburger you just paid for, and don’t be surprised if your order comes to you with some pretty serious mistakes.

Just for the record, brides who book with me will never hear me ask, “you want fries with that?”

You can find great tips on sites like The Knot and The Bridal Guide, but below is a link to an article from Offbeat Bride that has some great information about wedding photography.  It answers a lot of questions brides have, and with the Spokane Bridal Festival coming up this Saturday, it’s a pretty good time to give it a look!

12 things wedding photographers want to tell you but can’t

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