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AiP Creative Photography is the premier wedding and portrait photographer in the Spokane area


Are you looking for a Spokane wedding photographer to capture your wedding in a completely unique and artistic style?  Are you having a Spokane wedding or a destination wedding?  Where ever your wedding day will be, you will want the best wedding photography available.  AiP Creative photography is one of the best professional photographers you will find.  This photographer will create breathtaking images that will leave you speachless.
AiP Creative Photography clients are some of the happiest and most satisfied you will find.  To see some wonderful testimonies, click on the image below.

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Getting married can take a lot of planning.  Usually, the wedding photographer is the first vendor booked, and with good reason.  Your wedding photography is going to be the one thing you have to recall your magical day, and you want it to be creative and to tell your story.  AiP Creative Photography will work very closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.  David will help you create your timeline, which is a great starting point, but if you’ve even been involved in a wedding before, you know weddings are unpredictable. Well, AiP Creative Photography will still get you amazing images even when the unexpected happens.  Sometimes because the unexpected happens.

Since you will be working very closely with David, you will be very comfortable having him with you capturing your day as it unfolds.  He will make you feel at ease on your wedding day, and you will feel confident that he will know exactly what to do in any given situation.  Wedding surprises may seem bad at the time, but usually they help David to create something even more amazing than you would ever expect.

Your wedding photographer is the one place you don’t want to settle.  Ask your married friends if you don’t believe me.  You want magic to look back on, and AiP Creative will give it to you.  Every time.

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Engagement Photography

Don’t let anyone tell you that engagement sessions aren’t important.  Even if you’ve had them done with someone else, it is still a great idea to have your professional wedding photographer spend some time with you, capturing your lives together before your big day.  You’ll get to know me better, and vise versa.  David will teach you how to look great in your photos which will save you time at your wedding.  He does things differently than most photographers, so you’ll get accustomed to all the different ways he will be photographing you.  It isn’t uncommon, for instance, to see him with his face pressed to the ground with his camera pointed at you.  Or standing on a ledge.  Or lying in the tall weeds.

Why should you care about engagement photos?  Well, you will, as previously mentioned, get more comfortable with David.  You’ll also build trust and confidence with him.  Once you see your images, you’ll be blown away with how great you both look.  All of this means less wedding day stress for you.  That’s what David ultimately wants for you — great pictures with as little stress as possible for you.  And guess what?  Then you can decorate your walls for years to come with your beautiful engagement and wedding day pictures.  They’re not just memories, they’re art.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits with AiP Creative Photography are fun, relaxed, and give you amazingly cool photos.  David uses light, composition, and posing to create a very unique style for your high school senior pictures.  Your images won’t look like the cookie cutter ones you might be used to seeing.  Don’t be surprised if you get asked repeatedly who did your amazing senior pictures for years to come.

If it’s something different you’re looking for, then head over to the senior gallery to see more, and then book your session with David.  Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’ll look like a star on the cover of a magazine.